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Every product we develop exceeds expectations and achieves a quicker and safer route back to good health.


We help bring you and your family healthy life style options that can be used in any room of your house.






OEM Manufacturing

Equipped with our own manufacturing plant for about 15 years, including metal working, electronics, injections, assembly etc.

China Online Marketing

JUFIT has developed partnerships with more than 100 sales channels in China for online retailing, wholesaling, multilevel marketing and TV shopping.

Overseas Online Marketing

JUFIT is one of the top selling wholesalers who supply high quality health products to companies listed on Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay and Lazada.

R&D Development

Due to our professional relationships and extensive knowledge of both the domestic and overseas market, we have competitive edge over other suppliers.

24·7 Service

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to achieve legendary customer service and strong partnerships.

Quality Control

We take quality control(QC), safe delivery and smooth operation of our products very seriously by inspecting your goods before, during and after production.


Why does JUFIT focus the rapidly growing ‘Health & Fitness in the Home’ industry?

Research shows that healthy, active people represent only 12.4% of the population! (Ages between 30~39),However, most people would prefer to maintain regular workouts but give up too soon because it may be inconvenient or not very motivating to attend a busy fitness facility.JUFIT has a complete collection of innovative home exercise equipment, that will help you to cultivate a simple and consistent exercise regime.Our easy to use products will make your exercise program more safe, effective and enjoyable! You will love our simple approach to improving health and fitness in the comfort of your own home with amazing results that exceed the typical gym experience.

Why do people typically purchase fitness equipment and rarely use them?

Research shows that 95% of people who purchased fitness equipment only used it in the very beginning, then found it boring and stopped all together.Traditional fitness equipment can be difficult and painful to use for those with health problems, weight issues and poor balance and mobility.Our special equipment offers the combination of passive exercise and active exercise with safe and advanced technologies. Exercise becomes more enjoyable and; after a period of time you can elevate your exercise targets by engaging in more and more active exercises. This slow build motivation will help to create regular ,exercise habits that will benefit all aspects of your life. Imagine yielding double the results with only half the effort with our smart exercise machines?

Why does JUFIT focus on innovative Home Fitness & Therapy Systems?

Suboptimal-Health Status(SHS) means the status of your body and mind lives somewhere between sickness and health.The symptoms of SHS will show as disturbances in your body both mentally and physically. According to research analysis, 70% of people unfortunatley belong to the sub-health group.It is very difficult for them to maintain a balanced exercise program because of pain, mobility, work pressure, family issues , time contraints , etc.Many people would love to see immediate results by purchasing gym memberships and creating new exercise programs. However,research tells us that most people give up after 2 or 3 visits to the gym. The JUFIT vision is to help develop more and more smart exercise and therapy machines to make exercise safer and more enjoyable. Purchasing our equipment for home means everyone in the family can benefit by,losing weight, de-stressing, feeling less pain and healing together.


Juan Hernandes

CEO, FITes Ltd.

“We get a professional sales service before we confirmed any order. There was no delay in any kind of this process. The products are awesome. Ready to sell!”

Lorenz Müller

CEO, Elevar AG

“Wir arbeiten seit 7 Jahren mit JUFIT zusammen und wurden noch nie enttäuscht. Alles übertrifft bei jeder Bestellung unsere Erwartungen bei Weitem. Die Qualität aller Produkte ist extrem hoch. Der After-Sales Support auch.”

Neal Wilcom

CEO, Agedfit Ltd. CA

“Since 2009 we work with Jufit as a professional partner for fitness products. We are always impressed about the support, the documentation and the products itself. Our customers are always really happy. Thank you very much!”

Sharry Yaeck

CEO, Hot Health Systems Ltd.

“We sell these to people who have health problems and to the elderly who have no other good means of getting exercise. We have these in over 165 Seniors Residences in Western Canada. So we have thousands of people in their 80’s and 90’s who use this and the managers of these Residences are absolutely amazed at the health benefits that their residents receive from it. And younger customers are extremely grateful for the problems and pain that they have received help with.
So we are very grateful to you for being such a good and reliable source for us with this equipment. We are helping many, many people to better health.”