Where the Gym Meets the Spa Heal Spa When we heal ourselves,We help others to heal.


Everyone is looking for new alternative avenues for pain relief, good health and longevity. Gyms are very popular yet the typical gym experience is not always appealing or appropriate for all people who may be elderly, obese or in pain.

Heal Spas offer a fresh new approach for those who have little time, but want to see and feel results. Compared to gyms which can be loud, intimidating, expensive and uncomfortable, Heal Spas offers a personal pampering experience with a more gentle, passive approach to exercise, detox and pain relief. After experiencing your first free session at a Heal Spa you will remember what it is like to feel great.

The 30 minute circuit includes free oxygen infused, lemon spring water and Chaga tea. This short amount of time required for this spa/gym experience suits our cliente who try to fit this into their busy schedule. Heal Spa welcomes everyone 16 years of age and older. We offer discounts for students, seniors 60+ and those with disabilities.


Heal Spas cannot heal anyone. Only you have that power. We are dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all life on earth by helping to empower people to heal themselves. We encourage everyone to take responsibility for their lives and offer tools and educational material for their life journey.

Heal Spa’s 10-10-10

effortless circuit!

Feel the immediate stress release

10 minutes

Strengthen and stretch your muscles effortlessly on our portable 10 minute gym machine.

10 minutes

Relax and feel the healing light benefits of our no sweat FAR Infrared Sauna.

10 minutes

Enjoy a relaxing foot and back massage in our luxurious massage chairs.

What our members are saying


Sudbury, ON

“I have Peripheral Neuropathy with burning pain in my feet and lower legs. After only three 30 minute sessions at Heal, the burning pain has decreased substantially.”


Sudbury, ON

“I had Cancer last year and I’ve heard a lot of great things about Infrared Saunas, Chaga Tea and rebounding(the vibration machine) from well respected Cancer research doctors from around the globe. I have made the Heal Circuit part of my recovery and I have noticed how well I feel. I TRUELY believe that it is helping me. It’s been over a year since my diagnosis and there is NO longer any signs of the disease. I am 100% healthy again.”


Sudbury, ON

“I attend Heal for a peaceful and healthy experience. I now eat better, am in a better mood and feel positive changes. I can’t see my week go by without coming to Heal..!”


Chelmsford, ON

“I have been coming to ‘Heal Spa’ for approx 7 months. I feel that it has helped me greatly since I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for many years. When I am at Heal doing the 30 minute circuit, I am relaxed and my anxiety level lowers quickly. I look forward to coming to do the circuit 4-5 times per week. It is a very relaxing environment.”


Sudbury, ON

“I am a certified Physio Assistant and Occupational Therapy Assistant. Heal Spa is the one place that I would recommend to anyone looking to reduce stress, get healthier, lose weight, tone muscles and perhaps even live longer! Every step of the Heal Circuit promotes blood circulation which delivers oxygen to every tissue and organ in the body. This promotes quicker healing, strengthens the immune system and decreases the odds of illness. Their Whole Body Vibration and infrared technologies are currently used by many Physiotherapists. I am thrilled to have been introduced to Heal Inc and I am telling everyone I know about this wonderful place.”


Sudbury, ON

“I have been coming to Heal for a few months and it always brings me pain relief as well as stress relief. A calming atmosphere, pleasant-friendly and relaxed staff who endeavor to make you feel comfortable and who never try to sell you products. Great therapy circuit that is quick, efficient and is the perfect marriage of body and mind therapy. I walk in with pain and 30 minutes later I walk out feeling normal. I love ‘Heal’ so much that I tell everyone I meet. I also love that this place is affordable, even on low income. Even my doctor is impressed with my results from this amazing place! Thank you Heal..! “