# JFF238C

  • Rated Voltage: AC110-220V, 50/60Hz
  • Rated Power: 200W
  • Oscillation Amplitude: 0-5MM
  • Max Load: 110kgs
  • Speed Level: 1 – 99 levels
  • N.W.: 12kgs
  • Product Size: L624 x W364 x H115mm

JUFIT JFF238C Whole Body Linear Vibration

Welcome to our special offer of the Linear Vibration JUFIT JFF238C | Whole Body ! JUFIT is proud to introduce as follows all features and details you need to get your profit soon.

Admit it! Most of us are stuck in our 9-to-5 jobs such that we may not have ample time to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So how can we keep ourselves fit despite the long hours of office work we have to commit each day?

Well, If you can wake up super early - With the advent of 24/7 gyms, you can exercise anytime. Probably go to the gym for a 30 minutes workout and cold shower before taking the train to work! That means you have to wake up super early each day to catch the first train to your gym. What if there is a way where you can still have some right amount of workout as well as ample time to rest at home?

Key Feature

Rated Voltage: AC110-220V, 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 200W
Oscillation Amplitude: 0-5MM
Max Load: 110kgs
Speed Level: 1 - 99 levels
N.W.: 12kgs
Product Size: L624 x W364 x H115mm

Vertical vibration therapy (VVT) indeed is a good exercise that makes your whole body cells exercise. However, it is a moderate form of passive exercise, where the effect will be better if you can couple it with other type of activities. However, there are three exceptions.

Post Pregnancy Women (After three months) - For post-pregnancy women who wish to get back into shape, hitting the gym may not help you achieve the optimal result. Going for strenuous circuit training or Zumba exercises may or may not exercise the right part of a muscle that you need to work on to stay in shape.

Vertical vibration therapy (VVT), on the other hand, may ensure that your whole body is doing the workout. It may also include the muscle and area that may not be reached by the gym equipment. Furthermore, vertical vibration therapy is a safe and non-vigorous exercise for women at least three months after their post-pregnancy.

The Patient Who Is Not Able to Run and Jump - Some exercises require rigorous running and jumping movements. We do not recommend such activity for patients who have a medical history of joint pains. If the strenuous exercises continue, it may lead to permanent injury. He or she may then lose the motivation to exercise again.

Similar to cycling or working out on an elliptical machine, exercising on a vertical vibration therapy JUFIT machine reduces the impact of jumping or running. Therefore, you can maintain a satisfying workout with VVT without the risk of getting pains and aches from your existing injury after that.

Someone who suffers from osteoporosis - Osteoporosis is the state of when our bones become soft and brittle such that they are not able to withhold our body weight. We cannot recommend running and jumping exercises to them as it may worsen their condition. Not only that, falling accident from the activities may result in bone fracture.

Therefore, moderate form of exercises such as VVT is kind on people who are suffering from osteoporosis. It not only improve their bone density, it also eventually enhances their muscle strength.

In short, to achieve maximum fitness do complement vertical vibration therapy with your regular workouts or any form of physical exercises such as running, cycling, swimming and more. However, for exceptional cases, VVT is often one of the few recommended options.

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