# JFF268TM

  • Motor: 1.0HP
  • Max Load: 90kg
  • Speed: 1-12km/h
  • Running Belt: 1210*520mm
  • Accessories: Remote Control, mobile holder, speaker
  • N.W.: 35.5kg
  • Assemble Size: 1460*816*1105mm

JUFIT JFF268TM Walkingpad Home Treadmill

Welcome to our special offer of the Home Treadmill JUFIT JFF268TM | Walkingpad ! JUFIT is proud to introduce as follows all features and details you need to get your profit soon. POWERFUL FEATURES - You can use mobile phone holder we offer, the machine frame is totally manufactured with a high quality aluminum alloy frame for lifetime use, the innovation technology with high quality mirror high gloss board treatment and acrylic touch screen one-kiss-click trigger, adjustable handle bar to meet the needs of your family members of different height, easy to move with the rollers for storage. BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS - Stay connected with the integrated Bluetooth software. The foldable tablet stand lets you enjoy your favorite entertainment whilst you workout, with in-built Bluetooth speakers for audio output. the Audio system for your real relaxation while walking jogging or running. 3.5hp Japanese Fuji Motor - Japanese Seiko, small but strong, in order to achieve the ultra-thin, we use the Japanese Fuji micromotor in order to achieve the powerful motion, the quiet and the performance at the same time. 2-in-1 FOLDING TREADMILL & WALKPAD - Versatile & space saving treadmill equipment for your home gym or office. Choose from multiple exercise modes & configurations with speeds of up to true 12km/h (While the market ads always puts 12km in fact it is 10km). BURN CALORIES WHILE YOU WORK--Neatly fits under standing desks so you can stay on the go whilst breezing through tasks. Burn 100 calories per hour walking & stay on track for your daily fitness goals. TREADMILL RUNNING MODE - Up the pace & use as a regular treadmill. Speeds of up to 12km/h offer a high-performance running exercise. Unique Aero-damping system makes every stride as smooth & low impact as possible. QUIET, ENERGY EFFICIENT MOTOR - Designed for professional training. Silent & efficient motor. Extra large 10-layer anti-static track is quiet under foot, provides excellent traction & moisture resistance.

Key Feature

Motor: 1.0HP Max Load: 90kg Speed: 1-12km/h Running Belt: 1210*520mm Accessories: Remote Control, mobile holder, speaker N.W.: 35.5kg Assemble Size: 1460*816*1105mm The best home treadmills are sized for convenience, powered by strong Japanese Fuji motors and outfitted with just the right features for workout guidance and entertainment. They're versatile to meet different family members' fitness needs with the adjustable handle bar height and are quiet enough to operate without disturbing your household. Exercising is great way to control your weight, improving your fitness and reduce the effect of aging and stress. The key to success is to make exercise a regular and enjoyable part of your everyday life. The condition of your heart and lungs and how efficient they are in delivering oxygen via your blood to your muscles is an important factor to your fitness. Your muscles use this oxygen to provide enough energy for daily activity. This is called aerobic activity. When you are fit, your heart will not have to work so hard. It will pump a lot fewer times per minute, reducing the wear and tear of your heart. So as you can see, the fitter you are, the healthier and greater you will feel. Start each workout with 5 to 10 minutes of stretching and some light exercises. A proper warm-up Increases your body temperature, heart rate and circulation in preparation for exercise. Ease into your exercise. For optimum results, before using, please let the machine run for an hour on itself. If you encounter any type of difficulty while using the treadmill, a strong tug on the safety key cord or a quick tap on the red ON/OFF button will stop the running belt. Thank you for visiting one of our great products. If you have any further question what isn't answered through these descriptions, please contact us through Contact in our website

Additional information

Weight40.5 kg