# JFF001C

  • Rated Voltage: AC110-220V, 50/60Hz
  • Rated Power: 200W
  • Max Load: 150kgs
  • Speed Level: 1-99
  • N.W.: 34kgs
  • Product Size: L710 x W750 x H1225mm
  • Master CBM: 0.2267CBM
  • Qty / Export Carton: 1PC
  • Q’ty/20′, 40′, 40HC: 125/256/305pcs

JUFIT JFF001C Home Crazy Fit Massage

Welcome to our special offer of the Crazy Fit Massage JUFIT JFF001C | Home ! JUFIT is proud to introduce as follows all features and details you need to get your profit soon.

The web is full of stories of how the Russian cosmonaut program is the starting point of whole body vibration. In fact early Greeks were the first to use a simplified form of vibration training to heal wounds incurred in battle. With a vibration stimulation applied to new piercing types of injuries, they found ‘patients’ (warriors) were quicker to recover and could go back into battle sooner than their counterparts.

What they did not understand is how it worked. In reality, the vibration applied to the injury promoted better blood circulation to the injured area, and the body’s own repair systems were doing the repair work, the vibration just sped things up. The same holds true today as the machine does not actually do anything specific on its own. The machine helps your body improve itself in many ways including increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The lymphatic system is a complex system of ducts and conduits that take away toxins from muscles and at the same time bring new germ fighting materials to the muscles. Unlike the blood system which has a pump (the heart), the lymph system does not have a pumping system, it relies solely on muscular contractions and releases to move the fluids. The best website I have found to explain the lymphatic system is.

The whole body vibration machine stimulates the muscle system to increase this lymphatic drainage. Have you ever noticed that fit people seem to get fewer colds than sedentary people do? It’s because the fit active person has better immunity because of better lymphatic drainage arising from continual muscle actions. Bed ridden people with very little muscle action are prone to catching all types of bugs because their immune system is held back by way of poor lymphatic drainage.

Key Feature

Rated Voltage: AC110-220V, 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 200W
Max Load: 150kgs
Speed Level: 1-99
N.W.: 34kgs
Product Size: L710 x W750 x H1225mm
Master CBM: 0.2267CBM
Qty / Export Carton: 1PC
Q'ty/20', 40', 40HC: 125/256/305pcs

Many whole body vibration machine websites refer to NASA and the space agencies use of the machines. In space there is obviously no gravity and without the constant gravitational force that our bodies are used to, the muscle system does not get a good workout from simple things like walking.

Your body needs a heavy load for the muscles to achieve any sort of real workout. Gravity provides that heavy load. In space with no heavy load (gravity) the body’s muscles become atrophied, meaning the muscles are weakening and actually losing muscle mass, because they are not worked enough.

The other bad condition from this muscle atrophy is bone loss, similar to osteoporosis. Whole body vibration machines “add” gravitational force to the body and any exercise that the body is doing, from simply standing on the platform, to more advanced moves on the platform. This extra ‘G’ force is what makes the bones in the body get better and stronger.

The bones in your body increase their density because they need to increase as a result of added muscle work. If you use your muscles under a heavier load your bones become more dense and solid on their own. The best method to increase bone density is through muscular stimulation.

Consuming extra calcium does not actually increase bone density as the calcium is not turned into bone material unless the bone needs the extra densification based on the amount and intensity of muscle usage. There is however a need to have calcium available for the bones to turn into bone material.

So in short, the whole body vibration machines will stimulate the muscles as if they were under heavy load and this in turn will promote the bones to increase their natural strength and density by using whatever calcium the body can find. There are numerous studies out there that show the marked improvements in bone density from stimulation by way of whole body vibration machines.

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