Smart Eye Massager

Model No. JFF001KS

Product Features:

  • Massage for 10 minutes every day to relieve eye fatigue
  • Human simulated air pressure massage to enhance comfort and help relieve taut muscles
  • Rhythmic vibration massage in same frequency
  • Temperature sensitive hot compress, uniform temperature with carbon fiber heating elements
  • Built-in music brings a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere

Technical Data:

1. Rated Power: 6W
2. Rated Voltage: DC 6V
3. Hot Compress Temperature: 30-42℃
4. Magnetic Field Intensity: 50mt-250mt
5. Atmospheric Intensity: 860hpa-1060hpa
6. Working Environment: Temperature 5-40℃, relative temperature≤80℃

Packaging & Shipment:

1. N.W.: 0.48kg
2. G.W.: 0.92kg
3. Package Size: 250*250*86mm