EVA Crescent Yoga Roller


Product Features:

  • Only 33x13cm for convenient storage and travel
  • EVA foam roller provides durable support and won’t break down or lose shape from repeated use
  • Multiple ridged surface for different stretch and massage, helps lengthen specific muscle groups
  • Help you roll away density, scar tissue, knots and lubricate joints, reduce inflammation in the body
  • Great for self-myofascial release, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy

Technical Data:

1. Material: Outside Surface EVA, internal surface PVC Tubular Product

Packaging & Shipment:

1. Packaging: 10pcs/1carton
2. Product Size: 330*130mm
3. Carton Size: 620*280*345mm/0.06cbm
4. Weight: 0.75kgs
5. 1 x 20ft: 466pcs
6. 1 x 40ft: 966pcs
7. 1 x 40ft HQ: 1133pcs
8. Pallet Loading: If ordered less than 1 container