Body Slimmer Crazy Fit Massage

Model No. JFF155C

Product Features:

  • Accelerates Weight Loss; Reduces Cellulite; Tones and Tightens Body
  • Low Impact Exercise; Relieves Aches and Pains; Reduces Stress
  • Stimulates Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage; Improves Metabolism and Digestion
  • Increases Bone Density; Reduces Osteoporosis
  • Portable, foldable and easy to transport; Perfect for small spaces and travelling people

Technical Data:

1.Operation Mode:Vibration+Spiral, Vibration
2. Input Voltage/Frequency:220V50Hz/110V60Hz
3. Vibration Motor Power:DC500W
4. Vibration Frequency:5-15Hz
5. Vibration Amplitude:1-13mm
6. Spiral Motor Power:DC300W
7. Spiral Frequency:15-35Hz
8. Spiral Amplitude:0-2mm
9. Control System:DC drive

Packaging & Shipment:

1.Packaging:1 plastic bag/1pc, 2 poly foam/1pc, 1carto/1pc/
2.Product Size:550*610*1200mm
3.Carton Size:675*610*1200mm
6.1 x 20ft:58 pcs
7.1 x 40ft:108 pcs
8.1 x 40ft HQ:136 pcs
9.Pallet Loading:If ordered less than 1 container