Body Shaper Vibration Plate

Model No. JFF150C

Product Features:

  • Exercise the waist and buttock
  • Reduce the pressure on the waist 20 levels
  • Improve blood circulation 20 levels
  • Reduce fat deposits 20 levels
  • Exercise thighs and eliminate pain and soreness 150w, 180w, 200w, 300w, 500w, 1000, 2000w
  • Boat design is more conducive to maintaining a stable movement and makes users more comfortable

Technical Data:

1. Speed Selections:1-30 level
2. Rated Power:200w
3. Certificates:CE, RoHs
4. Rated Frequency:50/60Hz
5. Rated Voltage:220-240VAC, 100-120VAC
6. Load Capacity:100 kgs
7. Accessories: pulling cord, remote control, power cable
8. Product Size:685*385*170mm
9.Carton Size:695*395*180mm

Packaging & Shipment:

1.Packaging:1 plastic bag/1pc, 2 poly foam/1pc, 1carto/1pc/
2.Product Size:685*385*170mm
3.Carton Size:695*395*180mm
6.1 x 20ft:580 pcs
7.1 x 40ft:1080 pcs
8.1 x 40ft HQ:1360 pcs
9.Pallet Loading:If ordered less than 1 container